I don’t get you

She’s says I’m vengeful. But my actions had nothing to do with you kicking me out the house. Cuz if it was I could’ve snapped then and just broke more shit but I didn’t, I didn’t even raise my voice or argue with you. I simply grabbed my stuff and stood quiet, cuz I KNEW I was right. You want me to apologize to you for making you look stupid to Ross? You want me to apologize for letting my love for you get the best of me? Not gonna happen. I am however sorry I lied about how it happened. As a man everyone can agree that I was searching for the right thing. To be acknowledged as a man for being able to step to you and talk out my problem with you, EVERYONE AGREES. How come your the only one that can’t see that? Cuz your so stuck in your feelings, you think I did all that shit yesterday to get back at you, for what!? Me fighting Ross wasn’t and still won’t do shit to you. Unless of course your hurt because you know that you hurt my feelings and I never cheated on you purposely. So now you feel bad about yourself. At the end of the day I know I want going to make it a legal issue because I don’t think you deserve it regardless of how bad you continue to try and hurt me cuz you feel like I was trying to hurt you. He will forever be a bitch because he tried to act like my boy and when I put him on the spot he couldn’t man up and say yea I did it or yea we can talk about it. No instead he chose to show you text messages and lie about the 2 conversations we had on the phone. At the end of the day my conscious is a clean one. I didn’t talk about fighting him till after he said I was insecure and being a child for making something like that up. Now he knows how I feel and that’s all I wanted. So like I said, I dropped it and I’m gonna leave it alone. BUT if he still feels some type of way I won’t be hard to find.

Funny how it goes

So any way this is what happened and how it happened. I drive over to his office walk in, search the first floor (don’t see him) go to the second (don’t see him) I go outside and run into wise and Cummings. Hey wassup ya seen Ross? Nah man he’s not here. Aight well when ya see him tell him I’m looking for him. Ok morales I’ll let him know. Yo wise better yet what’s his number? Blah blah blah etc etc. calls ross* no answer, text Ross* wya. Call again* him: yo wassup boy you good? Me: yea I’m good him: wassup bro you trynna ball up? (Mind you this whole time I’m thinking to myself, this nigga really got some nerve talking to me like we boys) me: nah I wanna talk to you. Him: about what. Me:just hmu when your not busy. Click* I run into Natalee. Lied to her about running into Ross. Then I get really mad that she thinks I’m acting like a child when really I’m acting like a man who is still I love with her enraged at the fact that she slept with someone who just finished acting like we were boys just now. I text him: I can’t get in base blah blah blah. She says she’s on her way to go meet with him. I decide I want to beat her to the punch and let him know from the lions mouth what my problem is. I call him again. Me : Yeo we gotta talk about what happened between you and Natalee, him: I don’t know what your talking about. That’s when I snapped, me: seriously my nigga you wanna act like you don’t know what I’m talking about when Natalee herself just told me!? Him: dude I ain’t touch your wife your just being insecure. ( now he’s really getting under my skin) me: yo your a weak excuse for a man you can’t even be real with me! Him: your the one that called me disrespecting me, I don’t even know what your talking about. Clock* I start to text. At the end of the day if he knew from day 1 how I felt this whole situation would have went down differently. Me: wyd we needa talk. Him: alright when. Me: whenever you can. Him: lunch me:perfect I’ll be at your office at 11:30. Get there talk it out, he knows how I feel and why i feel that way. I walk away with my pride and closure. He walks away with head still attached to shoulders, problem solved.

at the end of the day yes I lied about running into him but I didn’t lie about how it happened. And I kept my word when I said I was gonna flip the script if he acted like we were boys when when I talked to him, which HE DID!



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Good morning IG, keep it positive this morning.

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I don’t get it

You want me to be sorry for my actions when they could

Exceed the standards that people set for you, not to prove them worn but to prove yourself right. That’s where the true success is 🙏✌️ #Positive

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So I hit up the guy she fucked and wanted to fuck him up. I was angry. Then I took myself out of the situation and realized it was small of me to start it, but then again I don’t feel bad about it not one bit. Because from a mans point of view if two men ever knew each other and at one point, there’s this unspoken rule to never fuck that mans girl, baby mom, wife regardless of the situation. So as a man he disrespected the fuck out of me and I did what I had to do. I could end both of your careers in a heartbeat and that’s no threat. I’m NOT going to though because it is what it is. I’m gonna be the adult in the situation and hold my tongue and just move it along quietly. I will be where I want to be soon enough, not even gonna bring myself down thinking about any of it. #Positive #Driven


Positive, positive, positive. That’s the mind set we’re gonna put ourselves in today. Made immature decision and I know it. Not even gonna trip, gone dust off and keep it pushing.


this makes me very happy 

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