Somebody must’ve heard me complaining about how boring my job is lol they put a nigga to work with the quickness

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It’s time.

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lol me all the way

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"Sonphew"… Bye.


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💯💯💯 got this from the bro @iseetruth

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The come up

So it’s been brought to my attention (realization) that I work best in the midst of adversity. All the things I should’ve done while married are getting done with the quickness. I realize that I was too comfortable being comfortable. It’s time to get back to my true self. Ambitious, confident and positive. I’ve let myself slip over the years and it’s time to turn it up 1000 notches. I finish up my anger management class this week, and after that it’s only UP from here. Getting divorced is helping me realize that I have no time for games, it’s ALL OR NOTHING from here on out. I’ve got my shit situated so that god forbid they deny me entry into the army I’ll have something to fall back on until I can get my schooling started and jump start a career. Not gonna be lazy and take the easy route out and sell drugs, I got way too much to lose. It’s time!!

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My next move, if I play my cards right I’ll be in this hoe before the end of the year

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niggas really do be saying shit like that too

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